Just for the run of it

Meeting life's challenges through running

It's me!

I'm a coach who runs and a runner who coaches

I'm first and foremost...erm...me. Let's start that again.  Hello!  My name is Neil and I run.  Phew!  Finally got that off my chest.

I've run for decades.  Not always well.  Not always well disciplined. With plenty of ups and downs.  Plenty of learning. and of course plenty of laughs and yes one or two tears too.

This website and what I offer are a culmination of my interest in running in the great outdoors for joy and for mental health, my random ramblings on all things running and health, and my work as a running fitness coach and life coach to help you, dear reader, get out there and run.

My offerings include:

  • Running & Life Fitness Coaching

  • Life Coaching

  • Career Coaching

  • Business Coaching

  • Clutter Consulting

  • Corporate Speaking and Training

  • School talks

So please do explore and read on!

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Running and Life Fitness Coaching



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