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Just for the run of it

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Running healthy coaching
Meeting life's challenges through running

It's me!

I'm a PT/coach who runs and a runner who coaches

I'm first and Let's start that again.  Hello!  My name is Neil and I run.  Phew!  Finally got that off my chest.

I've run for decades (not constantly of course).  Not always well.  Not always well disciplined. With plenty of ups and downs.  Plenty of learning. and of course plenty of laughs and yes one or two tears too.

I specialise in running injury rehab , beyond couch to 5K and helping people achieve that next distance.  What do I mean by that last bit?  I work with individuals who dream of stepping up to that next distance when initially it feels impossible.  Do you want to move from 5km to 10km, half marathon to marathon, or marathon to ultra?  Then work with me and I'll help you achieve that.


However you need my support I focus on running healthily because there's a big difference between being fit and being healthy.

I also do motivational speaking for both businesses and schools exploring running health to support mental health and my chronic illness journey.

So please do explore and read on!

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Running Injury Rehab

Move from 'someday' to 'today'