Life Coaching

What beliefs underpin my coaching?


I believe that everyone can change, as long as there is a true will to do so. You already have the ability to change whatever you want, coaching will help you gain the belief, skills or knowledge to make that change successful.


What is the experience of being coached by me like?


My goal is to help you think differently about the situation you want to change. This is done through precise questioning and NLP techniques. I am here to support but also challenge your thinking. It’s not about being friends; changing the way we think and act can be uncomfortable; my role is to create a trusting and secure coaching environment where you feel safe enough to change.



What therapeutic approach do I use?


My approach is based on the principles underpinning NLP​​​:

  1. Rapport – the connection between you and me; and the connection between your mind and physiology.

  2. Outcome oriented – always start with the end in mind. Be clear on what you want and don’t want.

  3. Sensory Acuity – understand how you represent your internal world to the outside and vice versa.

  4. Behavioural Flexibility – adapt, test and change. Understand what you do well, then do more of it.


How do I know if I am doing a good job?

I know this when you are making changes and there’s a connection between us. I also know when I hear you using sentences like “I haven’t thought about that before”; it lets me know I’m asking the right questions.


What is my professional background?

I have around 1000 hours of coaching experience. Three quarters of these were with private life coaching clients; the rest with Directors and business leaders.

I’ve hence coached a wide variety of topics from wellbeing, confidence and trauma to redundancy, retirement and career development.

How do sessions work?

I do all of my coaching sessions through online video sessions using Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp and FaceTime as appropriate.  This allows both myself and you to be highly flexible in terms of session dates and times.  It means no travel time or costs and means you can work in your own comfortable environment.

In between video sessions I am fully available to clients through WhatsApp text chat.  This is something I am committed to because within a life coaching environment so much of the change and movement you as the client make, happens outside of sessions.  Being able to communicate and check-in through text helps me to help you maintain momentum.

What are my costs?

Coaching is about real change, life changing change, not simply a chat.  So investment needs to be made on both sides of the relationship.

Before any formal bookings I insist on a free video chat so I can find out more about you and what you want from Life Coaching.  And so you can ask me any questions and check I'm the right coach for you.  Connection with a coach is key to success.  I won't be offended if I'm not right for you!

I only accept block bookings of sessions.  This makes sure you, the client, are committing to investing your time and effort over a period of time.  Yes transformational change can happen in one session occasionally, but real change takes time.  Practice does not make perfect - practice makes permanent.

From past experience, blocks of 3 or 6 sessions provide a great way of setting, and equipping you with the tools to achieve your adventure.

Neil is an exceptional coach. I spent several days shopping around for the right person to help. It happened to be the weekend when I contacted Neil. He got back to me despite it being a Saturday. I appreciated this ever so much because when you are desperate for change, you do hope for help imminently. 

We talked the next day… a Sunday… for an introductory discussion. He spent more time than any other coaches understanding my situation and already I felt like he had helped me. It was so thorough that I thought maybe I would be charged for the time we talked but it was free. I was so impressed already and the rapport was excellent. 


The sessions exceeded what I had hoped for. Neil gets straight to the root of the problem and works quickly to help you. I gained so much from each session. I learned skills that I can carry around with me forever. Neil was without a doubt, the best coach for me.


At first I was a bit apprehensive about working over Skype. I thought I needed to work with someone one-to-one but actually working remotely was not a problem at all. It made it more affordable and saved time and money on travel. 


When I was first looking for a coach, my problems seemed insurmountable. But I only needed three sessions with Neil to gain equilibrium again and see the positive changes I wanted. If I ever needed any coaching in the future, I would contact Neil without hesitation. I was very lucky to find such a highly skilled coach and right on my doorstep. A coach of his calibre I thought you would only find in a metropolitan city. 


I can’t thank Neil enough for affecting my life so dramatically, positively and quickly. 

Joanne Wood, Essex