A little run around the world - Rosie Swale - 5 stars

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

This is an all time favourite running book. I've read it each year for the past four years, usually when I'm on holiday.

Here's the book details taken from Amazon.

"After her husband died of cancer, 57-year-old Rosie set off to run around the world, raising money in memory of the man she loved. Followed by wolves, knocked down by a bus, confronted by bears, chased by a naked man with a gun and stranded with severe frostbite, Rosie's breathtaking 20,000-mile solo journey is as gripping as it is inspiring.

Rosie's solo run around the world started out of sorrow and heartache and a wish to turn something around.

Heartbroken when she lost her husband to cancer, Rosie set off from Wales with nothing but a small backpack of food and equipment, and funded by the rent from her little cottage. So began her epic 5-year journey that would take her 20,000 miles around the world, crossing Europe, Russia, Asia, Alaska, North America, Greenland, Iceland, and back into the UK.

On a good day she'd run 30 miles, on a bad day she'd only manage 500 yards, digging herself out of the snow at -62 degrees C, moving her cart inches at a time. Every inch, every mile, was a triumph, a celebration of life, and 53 pairs of shoes later Rosie arrived home to jubilant crowds in Tenby, Wales.

Rosie's incredible story is a mesmerising page-turner of the run of her life. It will wake up the sleeping adventurer in you; it will inspire hope, courage and determination in you; but most of all it will convince you to live your life to the full and make every day count."

What I love about Rosie is her simple approach to life throughout her run; and the kindness of strangers across the globe. Every time I read it it inspires me to get out running and stop whinging about aches and pains; but more importantly to truly pay attention to what's around me when I'm out running in nature. Celebrate the small things.

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