Are you worthy?

I saw this image and quote on Facebook and it struck a chord.

Recently I’ve been made to feel unworthy at a moment when I was feeling extremely vulnerable. Or maybe I should rephrase to say I felt unworthy as a result of the persons actions.

Since then I’ve been battling with the concept of worth. Self worth is something I’ve struggled with for a long time. I now realise that I have, in the past, relied on others for my worth. I‘ve relied on others telling me positive things rather than me being not only satisfied but also celebrating my own achievements.

As a runner it’s a trap easy to fall in to if you start doing races. The shout of the crowd and applause at the finish line can become addictive. Or maybe you use an app like strava and then wait for people to like or comment on your run.

What I’m learning is the need for self worth.

In the past I’d have said that I had it because I know when I’ve done a good job. But that’s a different thing I now realise.

What I need to do is learn what I think self worth is now which is being comfortable in my own skin, forgiving myself for past mistakes and letting go of shame.

So think about it for yourself. What can you do to feel worthy of being you simply because you are you?

Cycling back to the image: next time someone makes you feel unworthy, smile and say “I hope you find what you are looking for.”

and walk away.

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