Freetrain vest - 1 star

I had such high hopes for this. I succumbed to an advert on Instagram after watching a short vid. This vest looked just the job for shorter, faster runs where I didn’t want to take a water bladder with me.

There‘s a key pocket on the shoulder and then the main pocket/flap at the front for your phone Set up in a way that you can unclip the flap and look at it without taking the phone out every time.

Now if you either only do slower runs or you have a miraculously smooth running style then this vest may do you well.

However. The phone pocket is barely big enough for my regular sized iPhone 12 with a slim protective case. And I mean barely. It took some pushing but I’m not taking it in and out of its case.

The big problem though is the press stud isn’t strong enough. Just jogging along the vest worked well but as soon as I upped the pace for some interval training the phone pocket immediately bounced and the stud undid so the whole thing flapped about and tried to come off.

So because of that it’s a single star for this as it just doesn’t work/do what it’s advertised for. I‘ve used it once and never again. A waste of money.

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