Sometimes you just have to go straight ahead.

A quick life lesson from today's run. Everything was going swimmingly, well runningly, until I decided to go a different way home. The path got really narrow and muddy with lots of nettles leaning over the path.

Now some days I'd just pile through but today rather than got straight through and keep to the middle of the mud where it's flat, I broke my own rule and tried to tip toe and weave on the sides of the path and around drooping nettles. And so, inevitably, instead of just having muddy feet and maybe a few stings on my legs, I ended up on my bum in the mud, right knee at a painful angle and nettled on my arms neck and legs. Hey ho.

So today's lesson is maybe going straight on might be a bit painful, but try to avoid it and you'll end up in a right mess!

Here endeth this Sunday's lesson!!!

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