We are all so different

This image popped up I think on my Facebook feed and it stopped me scrolling and think.

We are all so different with our past experiences and beliefs and thoughts. And yet we so often take on board and take to heart the comments and advice of others. I’m not saying this is always a bad thing but no matter what the situation; the person giving the comment or advice is doing so from their map of the world - from their perception. They haven’t walked in your shoes for all that time you’ve been in this world.

As a coach, advice isn’t something I’m in the habit of giving and the image backs that up. If you’ve read my About page in my website I mention haven tried two virtual running coaches in the past. Both most definitely created a running plan from their shoes not from mine. Yes they listened initially. They held my shoes. They had a look at them from a few angles. They took note of the ratty old laces. They saw the worn heals. Then they went away, put in their own running shoes, tied their own laces and wrote a training plan they could run.

This is why my running and fitness coaching is absolutely bespoke. It’s why I spend so much time up front getting to know you and your preferences, your habits and challenges. This means I can get as close to lacing up your shoes as possible.

There a quote/comment that comes to mind and it’s along the lines of: don’t accept advice off anyone you would ask for advice. Think about that for a moment. How many times do many of us accept people’s off hand comments and opinions and treat them as the truth. Even if they don’t serve us well.

So think about that next time you are looking for any form of support. Whether formal coaching or simply friendly advice. Is the person trying to understand you by trying on your shoes and tying the laces, even if but for a while? If so, then by all means listen and absorb. But if not. Move on. After all you’ve already got your shoes on and laced up ready.

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