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Running Injury Rehab

As an experienced runner and PT...

I specialise in running injuries and getting you back out in your shoes running.  After all I'm my own teacher in terms of running injuries; having made so many mistakes and lived through the common running injuries, learning the hard way how I got them and rehabilitating back outside.

I'll work with you to explore where weaknesses in your body and gait are causing the injury and then how to strengthen and switch on those muscle groups.

This is all about corrective work for the long term.  Yes you can always get a quick fix, but you'll soon be back where you were, sitting inside looking longingly out of the window at other runners going by.  I'm interested in helping you understand what might be the cause of injuries and therefor once rehabilitated, you have the tools and knowledge to focus on injury prevention and healthy running rather than leaping from injury to injury.  That's no fun believe me.

We'll do an in-depth assessment of your strength, flexibility and mobility to identify areas to work on.  Then we'll agree a plan to improve where you need to and keep using some of the assessments to check-in so you can see real improvement.

Move from Rehab to Prehab

A crystal clear approach

Rehab and prehab is done face to face so I can see and get hands-on to help identify what may be the cause of any injuries.  We'll do an initial assessment and come up with a plan to get you back on the road/trail.

You can either pay by the hour like regular PT or buy a package which will give you a more in-depth level of support.

A package includes:

  • 2 hour fitness assessment

  • 1 hour goal setting session

  • 12 week health and fitness plan

  • Weekly face to face PT running sessions for the 12 weeks.

Contact me today to discuss your needs.


As an optional extra I can also offer race support dependent on location and time for an extra charge.